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Central Texas Women's Lacrosse Officials Organization


CTWLOO has put together an assortment of print-on-demand shirts and hats displayed below that officials might be interested in ordering. The shirts can be great to wear before and after games when officials don't want to be seen in their stripes. The long sleeve shirts and jackets can even be worn on the field on cold days so long as neither team is in black. And the hats, of course, can be helpful to keep the sun out of an officials eyes while on the field.

The apparel is being supplied by Printful, a print-on-demand printing and fulfillment company, through a program Printful offers called MerchShare. MerchShare allows us to create several customized products and then share the customized product links with you, our members, so you all can choose your size and style, without requiring CTWLOO to set up an online store or handle the transactions. All prices are the base price set by Printful. CTWLOO has not added any mark-up to the prices and is not making any money from any purchases. NOTE: a downside of the MerchShare model is that if you want to order two different products, or even two different sizes of the same product, you have to place two different orders.

To purchase, click on the product you are interested in buying and you will be redirected to Printful.

Short Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt Unisex Performance T-Shirt Unisex Performance T-Shirt
(logo on chest + name on sleeve)
$9.25: Black, S-3XL $16.95: Black, S-4XL $23.60: Black, S-4XL
Hooded Long Sleeve Tee Hat Visor
$20.95: Black, XS-2XL $15.95: Black, One Size $17.50: Black, One Size
Unisex Hoodie Unisex Zip Hoodie Unisex Zip Windbreaker
$25.45: Black, S-3XL $23.95, Black, S-5XL $45.95, Black, XS-3XL
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About US

Central Texas Womens’ Lacrosse Officials Organization (CTWLOO) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) membership based association of certified girls’ lacrosse officials. CTWLOO serves the Central Texas community by providing officials for high school and youth girls’ lacrosse events across the region.

The mission of the CTWLOO is to promote quality lacrosse officiating in Central Texas through recruitment, education, a mentorship program, training, and development.  We are comprised of skilled, knowledgeable officials who are dedicated to the integrity of the game and who, in collaboration with the players and coaches, facilitate safe and fair women’s and girl’s lacrosse in Central Texas.