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Central Texas Women's Lacrosse Officials Organization

Paying Officials

Changes for the 2024 Season

CTWLOO has begun the transition to a direct pay model for its officials, starting with the high school (HS) programs. Under the direct pay model, all Central Texas girls high school lacrosse teams are responsible for paying the officials directly as the games take place.

The Home Team of each game is responsible for issuing the payments (See 2024 HS Game Fees & Due Dates).

This is a change from when the HS programs would send a single payment to CTWLOO at the beginning of the season and CTWLOO would pay the officials. This change affects all teams that are members of the Central Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (CTGHSLL).

The intention is to bring CTWLOO’s payment process in line with the other officials organizations in the state of Texas. In addition, the unified contract between TGHSLL and the three TX Women’s Officials organizations (CTWLOO, NTWLOA, TSLB) contractually mandates that all parties adopt such a model, which the North and South areas were already using.

No Change for CAPLAX Payments: At this time, all teams under CAPLAX will continue to send CTWLOO a single payment at the beginning of the season for all games and CTWLOO will pay the officials on girls youth lacrosse games.

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About US

Central Texas Womens’ Lacrosse Officials Organization (CTWLOO) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) membership based association of certified girls’ lacrosse officials. CTWLOO serves the Central Texas community by providing officials for high school and youth girls’ lacrosse events across the region.

The mission of the CTWLOO is to promote quality lacrosse officiating in Central Texas through recruitment, education, a mentorship program, training, and development.  We are comprised of skilled, knowledgeable officials who are dedicated to the integrity of the game and who, in collaboration with the players and coaches, facilitate safe and fair women’s and girl’s lacrosse in Central Texas.