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Central Texas Women's Lacrosse Officials Organization

Field Variances

The officials organization (CTWLOO) and the high school league (CTGHSLL) have a field variances program so that field administrators have consistent conversations at game-time with officials about field conditions.

Field variance requests should be sent to and include:

  • Team Name
  • Field Location
  • Description of feature(s) or discrepancy(ies) to be reviewed

Approved Field Variances:

Field Approved Variance
St. Michael's Catholic Academy Below goal dots need to be marked with tape. The grey line within the cross artwork of the school’s circle should be used as the draw line. Restraining lines will be marked with “X’s”. End boundary lines are intersected by end-zone lettering.
Lake Travis HS,
Track Field
Goal circle radius is 3″ smaller than the standard.
Monroe Stadium
Yellow boundary lines should be used. There are dot markings located based on the 12m fan. The correct Dot locations should be marked by tape or flour. Restraining lines do not continue all the way to the boundary line.
McNeil High School Multiple line colors are used. Low-profile cones should be used outside of the boundary line to denote the correct restraining line.
Dripping Springs Middle School,
Tiger Stadium
Below goal dots need to be marked with tape or flour. The large white line should be used as the boundary behind the goal although the side boundaries are blue.
Westlake HS Stadium Conforms to Unified field measurements even though lines are not unified with boys. Inform visiting team that the restraining line is only 25m from the goal.
Westwood High School Westwood’s new turf field has green lines, which do not contrast sufficiently with the turf.
For the short term, the team will re-line the field with pink chalk paint. If the chalk paint is not available, they will use flour or baby powder to mark the lines.
For the long term, the school will investigate with the turf vendor correcting the lines permanently.
Vista Ridge HS, Stadium The Goal Lines and Goal Lines Extended are marked on the 1.5 yard lines on each end of a football field. The Restraining Lines are marked on the 30 yard lines on each end. The result is that the Restraining Line is set 28.5 yards from the Goal Line (as opposed to the standard 30 yards).
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About US

Central Texas Womens’ Lacrosse Officials Organization (CTWLOO) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) membership based association of certified girls’ lacrosse officials. CTWLOO serves the Central Texas community by providing officials for high school and youth girls’ lacrosse events across the region.

The mission of the CTWLOO is to promote quality lacrosse officiating in Central Texas through recruitment, education, a mentorship program, training, and development.  We are comprised of skilled, knowledgeable officials who are dedicated to the integrity of the game and who, in collaboration with the players and coaches, facilitate safe and fair women’s and girl’s lacrosse in Central Texas.